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New Free Emoticons & Smileys to Freely Express Emotions

December 24, 2010

We’ve had lots of fun designing these new free emoticons and free smileys – we laughed a lot. They are 100% brand-new free emotions. There’s nothing recycled about them. We like to keep things fresh and constantly evolving. We get bored if we’re not designing contemporary cutting edge free emoticons. There are thousands of free emoticons on the web but we tried to come up with completely unique ideas.

We like unique free smileys

The distinct acne free smiley is quite unique. You’re very lucky if you’ve never EVER had a pimple or a zit or a spot. For many teenagers it’s a fact of life. In fact we remember lots of teasing in the school playground. It can get cruel. We wanted to make it more fun using free smileys. This free emoticon is quite disgusting especially when the zit bursts. We have a strange sense of humor for free emoticons we don’t deny it. What we’ve found is that other people we show this free emoticon to laugh too. Try the original acne free smiley with your friends if you want to be different.
Get more free emoticons

Keep an eye on this page for our latest free emoticons and free smileys. We’re always adding more free emotions to the collection and trying to meet a whole range of free emoticons and free smileys needs and emotions.

If you’re looking for more crazy animal free emoticons or perhaps adult emoticons or rude emoticons if you’re into toilet humor, we’ve got more free smileys to show you.

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