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Emoticons for Skype

July 13, 2011

The Skype emoticon story…

Skype is a way to call another computer from your own computer and have a voice chat. Skype recognises that sometimes it’s just not convenient to talk. That’s where Skype instant messaging fits in and the link to emoticons. Skype messenger has a really cool feature to edit messages. We all know it’s easy to accidentally hit send before checking what we’ve written, then realise we’ve made a mistake. Skype now lets you edit messages you’ve already sent. No more embarrassing moments needed!

Skype emoticons are really rather good considering Skype’s focus is voice chat not creating emoticons for messenger. The hidden emoticons are especially good.

Personalizing Skype

‘Skype Extras’ is a good place to start. There are hundreds of third party developed applications that you can download free and plug into Skype from their Skype website – some are ‘Certified by Skype’ others aren’t.

Then you can take a look in the Skype shop under ‘Personalise Skype’ where you’ll find the following:

* Avatars: design your own WeeMee avatar or Klonies avatar or use a My Emoticons avatar

* Wallpapers: Skype have a collection to choose from to customize the Skype window

* Ringtones: a cool feature – change your friend’s ringtone and surprise them. You push the ringtone to your friend

* Hidden emoticons: there aren’t many but sometimes they come in handy – our favourite is ‘mooning’

Download Emoticons for Skype