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Moody free emoticons & smileys

November 15, 2011

Feeling moody? Just a little bit or really moody? Our moods can change one hundred times a day so we need this collection of free emoticons at our fingertips. Ok, slight exaggeration but we little humans do experience a wide range of feelings. Feeling excited, scared, anxious, tired, sad, angry. We’ve got free smileys for every mood. Think about it a different way, what if we call it ‘attitude’. Have you got it going on? Do you need free smileys to really show some attitude?

Want to take it further?
What better place to express free emoticons than MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger). That’s why you’ll find we call them ‘msn emotions’. We like expressing them, it’s what gives us individuality and builds our character. Of course we’ve found using free emoticons we can develop that character further – online. And we don’t believe it should cost anything. Why should expressing emotion have a price tag? We are all about free emoticons.

Sometimes people create an online alter ego – a person that takes on a spirit of it’s own. Maybe your temperament is generally in low spirits, you’re down in the dumps and irritable when you’re at work but you want to forget about it and change your frame of mind. Try using these free smileys to show a different mood. With an alter ego you could pretend you’re in high spirits and have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Take a look at our alter ego free smileys.

We give you an option to take your mood to the next level. If you want a more permanent moody pose, try a moods avatar. Use it in msn messenger or yahoo messenger or as an email signature or a My Space or icon and make your mood last all week. If you’re feeling angry we recommend the happy avatar to make you smile.


Christmas Emoticons and Smileys

November 1, 2011

We have two categories… for Christmas. Christmas-1 and Christmas-2. Obviously… because Jesus was born. Because we can eat gingerbread men and decorate Christmas trees. Because we can give cards and receive them from distant relatives and old family friends.

Christmas Tree      Merry Christmas Santa       Christmas Snow       Christmas Angel   Christmas Antlers      Christmas Fireplace       Mistletoe Kiss

Because we can watch Frosty… on television. Think about… the North Pole, which is where Santa comes from. Best of all, there is mistletoe. And people need to stay warm, so… click here to download. They are emoticons! For MSN Messenger! And they are free!