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Download Love Smileys

August 30, 2011

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Bitten by the little love bug? We know how you feel. Sometimes it’s easier to show msn emotions than say them – right? Ever find yourself lost for words? We do Frequently. We want to help you show your love msn emotions with our free msn emoticons for msn messenger. Let msn smiley do the talking for you. Maybe you want to flirt with someone you fancy or you want to chat someone up but you can’t find the words. Perhaps you’re somewhat more mature and you’re a true gentleman who’d like to woo or court a lady you’ve been admiring. In the 21st century, you can be a true gentleman – send a love heart msn emoticon to someone you admire in an MSN Messenger chat.

Girls can be so complex!

Maybe you just want to laugh with friends. Try the gay loving msn emoticon. Girls can make the love emotion topic so complex and serious, how’s a guy supposed to know how to behave? Girls analyze all your emotions and romantic gestures looking for hidden meanings. Ok so we’re stereotyping but there’s some truth in it. If you’re a guy we recommend using one of these msn emoticons to give you a head start. Whatever you do, get flirting with these msn emotions around February 14th (Valentine’s Day). And if you’ve got a broken heart, we’ve even got msn emotions for that too.

The best love msn emoticons

We love our romantic msn emoticons but we know there are heaps free msn emoticons out there. We want to really get the heart racing so we searched the web and found the best love msn emoticons. Yes this is subjective. We all like different styles of msn emotions. We think Smiley Central have some of the best love smiley faces because they’re animated and 3D. The chocolate love and cupid msn emotions are two of our favorites. Now we don’t want to overwhelm you, but if you want an avatar, we can show you love avatars for msn messenger live and yahoo messenger too.


MSN Emoticons & Smileys – show msn emotions

August 23, 2011

For msn emoticons addicts, MSN Messenger is the only option

MSN Messenger is the most popular instant messenger application outside the USA. Without a doubt MSN Messenger is the instant messenger application of choice for msn emoticons lovers. The website is just one example of this craze. MSN Messenger uses the word ’emoticon’ to refer to their little msn emoticons.

Although the emoticons built into the MSN Messenger application are good they’re not the best ones available. Because msn live messenger allows users to add their own custom emoticons, a lot of innovative msn emoticons have been designed especially for MSN Messenger by fans. The custom msn emoticons feature supports animated msn emoticons up to 50×50 pixels. To find out more about MSN Messenger features, take a look at our msn emoticons – where to use page. If you like adding your own msn emoticons, download them on our free emoticons page.

What are msn emotions?

You could say msn emotions are the emotions (or feelings) you express in msn messenger live. Alternatively, the phrase ‘msn emotions’ can get typed into Google search because people mistype the word ’emoticon’ and leave out the ‘c’. We’re not sure but what we do know is that when we’re chatting in msn messenger we use the msn emotion icons to show feelings. For example we use an icon to show angry, happy, sad, confused and tired because it’s more fun than typing and it conveys the expression that’s on our faces that can’t be seen when we can’t see the person we’re talking to. So the msn emotions are a reflection of the emotions that appears on our faces. Another important reason to use msn emotions is that it’s easier and faster to show emotion with msn emotions that typing how we feel which is especially useful when it comes to real time communication.

‘Msn smileys’ – please explain!

It seems that Europeans tend to call them ’emoticons’ and Americans tend to refer to them as ‘smileys’ and when you get to Asia, it’s different again. Confused? We try to be consistent but do use the term ‘msn smileys’ to refer to a yellow smiley faces. MSN Messenger users often call them ‘msn smileys’ or ‘yahoo smileys’. There are heaps of sites that give away free msn smileys – Smiley Central smileys are the most popular. Pay attention, some people write the term ‘msn smileys’ as ‘msn smilies’. It means the same thing! Lots of msn messenger live users do talk about msn smileys and will search for ‘free msn smileys’ in Google.