Text Emoticon Styles Explained

December 14, 2011

Text emoticons (or ASCII emoticons) were first made popular in the 80s when they started to be used in online bulletin boards. The creator of the original ASCII emoticon 🙂 and 😦 was Scott Fahlman. Originally Scott suggested that the 🙂 symbol be used to suggest a humorous comment and the 😦 symbol be used to highlight comments that aren’t jokes.

Below are examples of many of the most popular western text emoticons used:

🙂 Happy and smiling
😦 Frown or sad
:)) Big smile
😥 Crying
|-O Yawning or snoring
😀 Laughter
😀 Laughing at you
😉 Wink, often used to express sarcasm
B-) Smile from person wearing sunglasses
:-> Biting sarcasm
😎 Goofy smile or someone wearing glasses
:-p Sticking out tongue
:-* Kiss
😡 Lips are sealed
😮 Shocked or surprised, Uh oh!
:-O Very shocked or yelling
:-& Tongue tied, don’t know what to say
😡 Speechless
:-$ Confused emoticon


Moody free emoticons & smileys

November 15, 2011

Feeling moody? Just a little bit or really moody? Our moods can change one hundred times a day so we need this collection of free emoticons at our fingertips. Ok, slight exaggeration but we little humans do experience a wide range of feelings. Feeling excited, scared, anxious, tired, sad, angry. We’ve got free smileys for every mood. Think about it a different way, what if we call it ‘attitude’. Have you got it going on? Do you need free smileys to really show some attitude?

Want to take it further?
What better place to express free emoticons than MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger). That’s why you’ll find we call them ‘msn emotions’. We like expressing them, it’s what gives us individuality and builds our character. Of course we’ve found using free emoticons we can develop that character further – online. And we don’t believe it should cost anything. Why should expressing emotion have a price tag? We are all about free emoticons.

Sometimes people create an online alter ego – a person that takes on a spirit of it’s own. Maybe your temperament is generally in low spirits, you’re down in the dumps and irritable when you’re at work but you want to forget about it and change your frame of mind. Try using these free smileys to show a different mood. With an alter ego you could pretend you’re in high spirits and have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Take a look at our alter ego free smileys.

We give you an option to take your mood to the next level. If you want a more permanent moody pose, try a moods avatar. Use it in msn messenger or yahoo messenger or as an email signature or a My Space or icon and make your mood last all week. If you’re feeling angry we recommend the happy avatar to make you smile.

Christmas Emoticons and Smileys

November 1, 2011

We have two categories… for Christmas. Christmas-1 and Christmas-2. Obviously… because Jesus was born. Because we can eat gingerbread men and decorate Christmas trees. Because we can give cards and receive them from distant relatives and old family friends.

Christmas Tree      Merry Christmas Santa       Christmas Snow       Christmas Angel   Christmas Antlers      Christmas Fireplace       Mistletoe Kiss

Because we can watch Frosty… on television. Think about… the North Pole, which is where Santa comes from. Best of all, there is mistletoe. And people need to stay warm, so… click here to download. They are emoticons! For MSN Messenger! And they are free!

Truly British MSN Emoticons & Smileys – authentically British msn emotions

October 21, 2011

Rule Britannia! Brits are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech and famous for politeness and a strong sense of humor. Brits’ are often referred to as having a ‘stiff upper lip’ i.e. being reserved when expressing msn emotions. We might poke fun at the Brits’ excessive politeness, but that’s essentially an upper-crust Hugh Grant-ish sort of trait, certainly not representative of all those crazy beer guzzling soccer fans. Anyway, here are some truly stereotypical British msn emoticons.

What really is truly British?

What are the first three things that come into your head when someone says ‘British’ or ‘English’ for that matter? One of the most common pictures depicting a typical Englishman is a man wearing a bowler hat and reading the Times newspaper. Bowler hats are now rarely seen in England but we had to have an msn smiley wearing a bowler hat in this collection. You might see bowler hats in English movies but I think that would even be a rarity today. We also dressed an msn smiley as a British bobby (i.e. policeman). These msn smileys are just fun and playful. We like using the British bobby when we want to express msn emotions that enforce some order!

British eating habits?

The great roast dinner and apple pie with custard, which was at one time hearty British food, is not what it used to be. Doesn’t every Brit eat fish and chips today? Well not quite but fast food does rule, as does a problem with obesity but fish and chips certainly isn’t the most common meal! We couldn’t help but create a fish and chips msn emoticon – quite a tricky msn emoticon to do with only 19×19 pixels.

Doesn’t every Brit indulge in afternoon tea? Cakes and cucumber sandwiches? Perhaps the Queen does, you won’t find many other people that do. If you want a Queen msn smiley we’ve got one of those too. For days when you feel like expressing regal msn emotions or think someone you’re chatting with is assuming airs and graces and acting like the Queen use the Queen msn smiley. If you like football and support England, we’ve created a few football fan msn emoticons for you to express msn emotions.

There are lots of Australians in London soaking up the British culture. To get some insight into the land of the Aussies, take a look at our Aussie msn emoticons creations for some real aussie stereotypes.

Girlie MSN Emotions

September 12, 2011

Pretty pink flower   Fairy Emoticon    Miss luscious lips    Smiley bathtime    Cute kitten    White flower    Princess smiley

We did some msn emoticons research with girls and lovely ladies we know – young and old. Then we created this collection of free msn emoticons for all the lovely ladies out there. They’ve been very popular since we unleashed them. We’ve kept adding msn emoticons to the collection to appeal to lots of different types of girls so they can express any female msn emotions.

Using girlie free emoticons

The Princess Smiley and teddy bear are for young schoolgirls – spring chickens! All girls love flowers (we think!) so flowers had to be part of this total babe msn emoticons collection. Msn emoticons for messenger are important when you’re getting ready to go on a date. We love the ‘Miss Luscious Lips’ msn emoticon – if she had hair she’d be blonde for sure. If you love babies or know someone who’s just had one – send them one of the baby doll msn emotions. Those big eyes are inspired by the Simpson’s baby ‘Maggie’ who’s permanently sucking a dummy.

Little Miss Innocent?

Lots of girls love to appear to be totally angelic. The expression ‘as if butter couldn’t melt’ springs to mind. They love making other people think they’ve got this halo over their head. That’s why we have an angel and princess msn emoticons. A perfect Little Miss. However, inside lurks the naughty girl that’s not so innocent, the minx that can’t wait to get out.

More free msn emoticons?

If you do want more, take a look at our small cute emoticons or our emoticon avatars for girls. If you still want more, take a peep at our best of the web msn emotions collection of hug and kiss emoticons. If you’re a tomboy you might prefer the bad boys emoticons collection.

MSN Disguised Emoticons

September 4, 2011

Get dressed up and be in disguise. A disguise is an appearance used to create the impression of being somebody or something else (if you’re someone well known you could refer to it as being ‘incognito’). So why not be a little devil for the day? Ever tried doing it with msn emoticons? It’s very funny. With free msn emoticons on offer, it won’t cost you a cent. Play fancy dress with our free msn smileys.

Use your imagination

Be as imaginative as you like. Cover up what you don’t like and reveal a new look with these funny msn smileys costumes. Enter the world of make believe. Smiley loves to put on a guise for msn messenger. We reckon he needed some camouflage for that very bright yellow skin to really be in disguise, so we started sewing msn smileys costumes and making hats to go with them. Hair dye came in useful too.

Our favorite disguised MSN emoticons

Ever wondered what disguise is really all about? We like the joker msn smiley dress the most. Smiley’s a cheeky character so it suits him well. It’s a good icon to use to express cheeky, mischievous msn emotions. The punk guise works quite well too – the blue hair really compliments his yellow skin! So give it a go, put on a false front and let the charade begin. The alternative is to use these msn smileys to suggest a new look for your friends. Whatever you do with them, have fun with the funny little msn emoticons.

If this disguised collection has got you thinking, why not create an alter ego with our funny alter ego emoticons. Think Clark Kent – turn yourself into Superman and save the day. What would you turn into? And if you’d like to see what else smiley gets up to other than fancy dress, look no further than the smiley in action msn emoticons.

Download Love Smileys

August 30, 2011

            The official hug emoticon Kissing smiley Express your emotion Loved up A love heart emoticon Full of love Smiley in lurve

Bitten by the little love bug? We know how you feel. Sometimes it’s easier to show msn emotions than say them – right? Ever find yourself lost for words? We do Frequently. We want to help you show your love msn emotions with our free msn emoticons for msn messenger. Let msn smiley do the talking for you. Maybe you want to flirt with someone you fancy or you want to chat someone up but you can’t find the words. Perhaps you’re somewhat more mature and you’re a true gentleman who’d like to woo or court a lady you’ve been admiring. In the 21st century, you can be a true gentleman – send a love heart msn emoticon to someone you admire in an MSN Messenger chat.

Girls can be so complex!

Maybe you just want to laugh with friends. Try the gay loving msn emoticon. Girls can make the love emotion topic so complex and serious, how’s a guy supposed to know how to behave? Girls analyze all your emotions and romantic gestures looking for hidden meanings. Ok so we’re stereotyping but there’s some truth in it. If you’re a guy we recommend using one of these msn emoticons to give you a head start. Whatever you do, get flirting with these msn emotions around February 14th (Valentine’s Day). And if you’ve got a broken heart, we’ve even got msn emotions for that too.

The best love msn emoticons

We love our romantic msn emoticons but we know there are heaps free msn emoticons out there. We want to really get the heart racing so we searched the web and found the best love msn emoticons. Yes this is subjective. We all like different styles of msn emotions. We think Smiley Central have some of the best love smiley faces because they’re animated and 3D. The chocolate love and cupid msn emotions are two of our favorites. Now we don’t want to overwhelm you, but if you want an avatar, we can show you love avatars for msn messenger live and yahoo messenger too.

MSN Emoticons & Smileys – show msn emotions

August 23, 2011

For msn emoticons addicts, MSN Messenger is the only option

MSN Messenger is the most popular instant messenger application outside the USA. Without a doubt MSN Messenger is the instant messenger application of choice for msn emoticons lovers. The website http://www.mess.be is just one example of this craze. MSN Messenger uses the word ’emoticon’ to refer to their little msn emoticons.

Although the emoticons built into the MSN Messenger application are good they’re not the best ones available. Because msn live messenger allows users to add their own custom emoticons, a lot of innovative msn emoticons have been designed especially for MSN Messenger by fans. The custom msn emoticons feature supports animated msn emoticons up to 50×50 pixels. To find out more about MSN Messenger features, take a look at our msn emoticons – where to use page. If you like adding your own msn emoticons, download them on our free emoticons page.

What are msn emotions?

You could say msn emotions are the emotions (or feelings) you express in msn messenger live. Alternatively, the phrase ‘msn emotions’ can get typed into Google search because people mistype the word ’emoticon’ and leave out the ‘c’. We’re not sure but what we do know is that when we’re chatting in msn messenger we use the msn emotion icons to show feelings. For example we use an icon to show angry, happy, sad, confused and tired because it’s more fun than typing and it conveys the expression that’s on our faces that can’t be seen when we can’t see the person we’re talking to. So the msn emotions are a reflection of the emotions that appears on our faces. Another important reason to use msn emotions is that it’s easier and faster to show emotion with msn emotions that typing how we feel which is especially useful when it comes to real time communication.

‘Msn smileys’ – please explain!

It seems that Europeans tend to call them ’emoticons’ and Americans tend to refer to them as ‘smileys’ and when you get to Asia, it’s different again. Confused? We try to be consistent but do use the term ‘msn smileys’ to refer to a yellow smiley faces. MSN Messenger users often call them ‘msn smileys’ or ‘yahoo smileys’. There are heaps of sites that give away free msn smileys – Smiley Central smileys are the most popular. Pay attention, some people write the term ‘msn smileys’ as ‘msn smilies’. It means the same thing! Lots of msn messenger live users do talk about msn smileys and will search for ‘free msn smileys’ in Google.

Emoticons for Skype

July 13, 2011

The Skype emoticon story…

Skype is a way to call another computer from your own computer and have a voice chat. Skype recognises that sometimes it’s just not convenient to talk. That’s where Skype instant messaging fits in and the link to emoticons. Skype messenger has a really cool feature to edit messages. We all know it’s easy to accidentally hit send before checking what we’ve written, then realise we’ve made a mistake. Skype now lets you edit messages you’ve already sent. No more embarrassing moments needed!

Skype emoticons are really rather good considering Skype’s focus is voice chat not creating emoticons for messenger. The hidden emoticons are especially good.

Personalizing Skype

‘Skype Extras’ is a good place to start. There are hundreds of third party developed applications that you can download free and plug into Skype from their Skype website – some are ‘Certified by Skype’ others aren’t.

Then you can take a look in the Skype shop under ‘Personalise Skype’ where you’ll find the following:

* Avatars: design your own WeeMee avatar or Klonies avatar or use a My Emoticons avatar

* Wallpapers: Skype have a collection to choose from to customize the Skype window

* Ringtones: a cool feature – change your friend’s ringtone and surprise them. You push the ringtone to your friend

* Hidden emoticons: there aren’t many but sometimes they come in handy – our favourite is ‘mooning’

Download Emoticons for Skype

New Free Emoticons & Smileys to Freely Express Emotions

December 24, 2010

We’ve had lots of fun designing these new free emoticons and free smileys – we laughed a lot. They are 100% brand-new free emotions. There’s nothing recycled about them. We like to keep things fresh and constantly evolving. We get bored if we’re not designing contemporary cutting edge free emoticons. There are thousands of free emoticons on the web but we tried to come up with completely unique ideas.

We like unique free smileys

The distinct acne free smiley is quite unique. You’re very lucky if you’ve never EVER had a pimple or a zit or a spot. For many teenagers it’s a fact of life. In fact we remember lots of teasing in the school playground. It can get cruel. We wanted to make it more fun using free smileys. This free emoticon is quite disgusting especially when the zit bursts. We have a strange sense of humor for free emoticons we don’t deny it. What we’ve found is that other people we show this free emoticon to laugh too. Try the original acne free smiley with your friends if you want to be different.
Get more free emoticons

Keep an eye on this page for our latest free emoticons and free smileys. We’re always adding more free emotions to the collection and trying to meet a whole range of free emoticons and free smileys needs and emotions.

If you’re looking for more crazy animal free emoticons or perhaps adult emoticons or rude emoticons if you’re into toilet humor, we’ve got more free smileys to show you.

click here to download